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Please go to www.ngapolygraph.com to schedule your polygraph for this show if you are a bodybuilder, physique, or figure. Teens do not have to test unless they cross over to Novive or Open.


Drug-Free Policy

All NGA member athletes must be completely free of the performance-enhancing drugs, as listed below. The length of drug abstinence may be lengthened by the NGA Staff when policies are examined on an annual basis. Any such changes will be announced by the NGA Staff prior to the calendar year when the alteration is to take place. The National Gym Association, Inc. (NGA) bans the following substances and related compounds and their use constitutes grounds for dismissal from NGA competitions and suspension from membership in the organization.

Banned Substances

  • Anabolic Steriods
    Includes but not limited to bolasterone, boldenone, chloroxomesterone (dhydrochlormethyltesterone), clostebol, fluoxymesterone, mesterolone, methandienone (methandrostenolone), methenolone, methyltestosterone, nandrolone, norethandrolone, oxymetholone, stanozolol, testerone and all other related compounds.
  • Testosterone
    (injections, patches, gels).
  • Growth Hormones
    (Pharmaceutical hGH, HCG and other related compounds).
  • Prescription Diuretics
    (Fen-Phen and any other prescription weight-loss substances used for bodybuilding purposes, even when physician-prescribed, are banned by the NGA).
  • Prescription Psychomotor Stimulants
    (Example: Amphetamines).
  • Muscle Implants Of Any Kind
  • Chemical/Drugs For The Purpose Of Deceiving Or Passing The Polygraph Test
  • Clenbuterol
  • Any Illegal Or Illicit Bodybuilding Drug Or Substance
  • Any FDA And IOC Banned Substance

Note: DHEA and all other hormone precursors are not banned by the NGA. However, these substances can cause an elevated T/E ratio in excess of the 6:1 limit or produce the presence of nandrolone or any other banned substance in the urine. If the promoter opts to enforce a urine sample for testing, the athlete is responsible for any and all substances that may cause a positive in a urine test.

Nutritional supplements products that are sold over-the-counter may not be banned by the FDA. As a competitive athlete, it is your responsibility to research the products before you purchase them. To insure your passing a urine test under the guidelines of the IOC, banned substance testing regulations, the NGA's recommendation is "when in doubt don't buy it".

NGA Utah and Idaho Polygraph Questions

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