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2017 NGA Natural Northern States Pro Qualifier

Eligible: Open to all Natural Athletes who hold a current NGA card. You must be drug free for seven years. All competitors except the 12 and under athletes and Teens will polygraph.  All competitors will schedule their polygraphs online. The fee is $55. The Polygrapher will be James Page from Idaho. ***NOTE:  The website for athletes to schedule online is www.ngapolygraph.com
Polygrapher will not accept phone calls for appointments.  All athletes must register and pay online to set their appointments.  Times are given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Poly Registration opens 1 August.  Go to www.ngapolygraph.com to schedule and pay for your polygraph for this show if you are competing in the bodybuilding, physique, or figure categories.  The Promoters have the option to random test any competitor via Urinalysis testing as well.  Those chosen to urine test will do so between the morning and night shows. Contest Registration forms are available on our website www.utahngabodybuilding.com     
We are offering Open and Novice categories in men’s bodybuilding, figure, bikini and men’s physique.  We are also offering the non-competitive “Junior Kids 12 and Under Division. This division will feature the same mandatory poses and individual routines that the veteran athletes do in the particular category they will be competing in, but will not be judged.  All athletes in this division will receive an award.  They can do a bodybuilding, figure, bikini or fitness routine.  We are also offering a women’s fitness, women’s physique, teen physique, as well as a Masters and Grand Masters (50 and over) Division in the Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique categories. (If we have 3 or more competitors).                
Place: Perry’s Egyptian Theater (2415 Washington Blvd) Ogden, UT on 30 Sept 2017.  ***Entries must be returned by 9 Sept 2017. ***After that date, a late fee of $25.00 will apply. Entries will not be accepted the day of the contest.
Time: Athletes will check in between 6pm and 8pm Friday night (29 Sept) at the Bigelow Hotel and Residence (Former Ben Lomond Hotel) in Ogden, Utah. NOTE: Do not show up before 6pm as check-in will not start until 6pm sharp and will end 8pm sharp.  Prejudging will start at 9am and finals at 6:00pm on Saturday the 30th Sept.  Doors will open at 0800am in the morning and 500pm in the evening for spectators.  
Music: Contestants will be allowed 60 seconds for evening routines. (No posing routines in morning).  Bring your CD’s with you and they will be collected in the morning. They must be ready to play. Be sure to test the CD on several sources as some shows, competitor’s music could not be read by the system playing it.  Also do not give full length CDs as we need only the song being played so that the music person does not make a mistake and play the wrong song.  Do not pose to any music with profanity.  If your music has profanity, please edit out or you could be disqualified. 
Attire:  Both the women and men competitors must wear a suit that covers at least ¾ of the buttocks.  No thongs are permitted. 
Entry Fee:  $65.00 dollar entry fee (Teen Division only-$25.00) (Register with James and Bianca Purtell).
$65.00 NGA one year membership (Register with NGA. Form is on website or find enclosed registration form attached on e-mail.   (We will need proof of NGA registration upon check-in). 
The extra $25.00 applies only to late entries.  $25.00 if you cross over, such as a men’s master competitor crossing over and competing in the open or novice class.  Novice competitors can only compete Novice …not in the Open. Women cannot cross from Figure to Bikini or vice versa or Women’s Physique to either Bikini or Figure, but can cross over to Fitness.  Men cannot cross over from Bodybuilding to Physique or vice versa. 

Information: Send check or money order for CONTEST REGISTRATION to Bianca Purtell:  3790 West 2550 South, Taylor, UT 84401. *****Send the registration for your NGA CARD to address on NGA Card form.***** 
Each contestant will receive a contest t-shirt free.  If you want additional, send us the size and $5.00 for each shirt, this way you will be sure to get what you wantPre sale tickets for pre-judge ($10.00) and finals ($15.00) may be purchased by sending a check for the correct amount to:  Bianca Purtell:  3790 West 2550 South, Taylor, UT 84401 or purchase from Max Muscle in Layton or Bountiful, Utah, the Pro Shop in Roy Golds Gym in Roy, Utah, Egyptian Theater in Ogden or Smith Tix. 
Prices at door will be $15.00 for prejudge and $20.00 for night show.  Kids under 5 are free.  Kids 6-12 are only $5.00.

Hotel: Bigelow Hotel and Residence (Former Ben Lomond Hotel) at 2510 Washington Blvd, Ogden, Utah. Call: 801-627-1900. Mention NGA Bodybuilding for show rate.

*We are offering wristbands for one personal trainer per competitor at $25 which gets them backstage to assist their athlete for prejudge and evening show.  CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE, not day of show.  Wristbands handed out at check-in.


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